Looking for cheap or free half term days out or activities to entertain the kids this February? Look no further!

  1. Check out your local library
    Local libraries are a brilliant place to spend an hour or two. We love heading to the library and sitting in their reading some books together. Many local libraries put on activities in the school holidays from Lego workshops to crafts, there’s often something for everyone.
  2. Head to your local museum
    The UK has such a variety of museums that the “old and stuffy” museum stereotype is far and few between. For example, near me there’s an aviation museum which is perfect for budding pilots, and even a retro games museum which is great to introduce kids to those time old classics.
  3. Go for a bike ride
    There’s nothing quite like a good ol’ bike ride. Burn off some energy and have some fun along the way. You could bike to a set place, like the local park, take a ride around a woodland, or head to your local bike track if you have a few dare devils in tow.
  4. Have a lunch or dinner picnic
    I know February is still a bit nippy, but wrap up in gloves, hats and your cosiest coat. There’s something so fun about having a set meal as a picnic. When it’s been really blustery we’ve even driven to a local viewing point and had a car picnic whilst enjoying the views.
  5. Catch Pokémon
    Pokémon Go is such a hit in our house and it’s usual the perfect way to drag the kids out for a walk without any fuss. Build up your collection by catching Pokémon, and hatch new Pokémon from eggs as you walk – a great way to wrack up the step count.
  6. Hunt for sea glass
    One of mine and my eldest’s favourite things to do is hunt for sea glass and sea ceramic. It literally feels like treasure hunting and we could both while away hours doing it. Seaglass is classed as rubbish and so it’s generally allowed as it’s technically litter picking. Do double check the rules of the beach you are on though. Always check the tides too to ensure you are keeping yourself safe. A pebbly beach is your best bet to find a gold mine of it. The bonus is there might be some rock pools too that you can search for sea critters in.
  7. Look for fossils
    Fossil hunting is one of the most exciting things I think you can do with kids. Finding an actual fossil – an actual piece of history! UK Fossils gives great guides of where to look. Always make sure you are in an area where fossil hunting is allowed and as with seaglass hunting, ensure you keep yourself safe.
  8. Go Geocaching
    Go on an actual treasure hunt and find a Geocache. With thousands around the UK, it’s highly likely there is one hidden near you. To find their locations and begin your search, head to Go Outdoors to download their app.

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