How are you doing today?

For 18 months I saved coins in a coin jar. A increasingly more challenging feat, as we become less and less cash-based as a society.

But – how much did I save in my coin jar in 18 months?

The answer is in this video:


Filmed this yesterday. Do you have a coin jar? We are increasingly becoming a cashless society and this makes me sad because I’ve always had a “Penny Jar” of some sort since childhood. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to fill one! #moneytok #financialcrisis #financesforwomen #savings #pennyjar #coinjar #savingmoney #savingsideas

♬ original sound – Jamie Rose
How much did I save in my coin jar?

So I am back to square one, with an empty coin jar. This time I am attempting the Penny Saving Challenge? Have you heard of it? If not, I am working on a blog – so watch this space.

Jamie x